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Discover how dollhouses are much more than just toys

Hey there! Welcome to Joy Story, your go-to place for enchanting dollhouses. We believe in the magic of playtime, where your girl can explore her creative side and develop a world full of imagination. Our dolls and dollhouses are crafted to be a way to endless creativity and joy.

Language skills boost with Baker Doll Set’s Educational Fun

Let's introduce you to our Baker Doll Set, not just a toy but an educational companion. With this set, your girl not only enjoys her playtime but also enhances her language skills. Conversations with these dolls become a playful learning experience, helping her express herself and build a strong foundation for effective communication.

Building social skills through Barbie Doll House Getaway Portable House Playset

Say hello to the Barbie Doll House Getaway Portable House Playset – more than just a dollhouse toy. This set is designed to enhance social skills. Your girl can invite friends, share ideas, and engage in collaborative play. Playing together with dolls and dollhouses naturally promotes teamwork and positive social interactions.

Interactive learning is not difficult with Really Beauty Villa Play Set

Concerned about interactive learning? Our Really Beauty Villa Play Set is the solution. The dollhouse toy encourages interactive play, promoting a hands-on approach to learning. Your girl can create stories, scenarios, and dialogues, fostering creativity and developing critical thinking skills while having a blast.

Screen time reduced when Really Beauty Villa Play Set is here

Concerned about too much screen time? Our Really Beauty Villa Play Set is the perfect answer. This dollhouse toy not only limits screen time but also provides a great way for your girl to play without screens. With our dolls and dollhouses, your child can explore, create, and enjoy a screen-free play environment.

Dollhouses that help with more confidence and independence

Our dolls and dollhouses are more than just toys, they help build confidence and independence in your girl. Whether it's the Baker Doll Set, Barbie Doll House Getaway Portable House Playset, Fairy Wings Set, Disney Frozen 2 - Musical Adventure Singing Elsa Doll, or Really Beauty Villa Play Set, each one is crafted to encourage decision-making and self-expression. Watch as your girl grows more confident while playing with her new friends.

Joy Story is here to make your girl's playtime special with dollhouses. Choose us, and let's make every moment a happy and exciting adventure for your little one.

Elsa Disney's Singing Dollhouse Toy is here to help with language skills

Now, let's introduce you to our Disney Frozen 2 - Musical Adventure Singing Elsa Doll. This is more than a dollhouse toy, it's a fantastic way for your child to have fun while learning. Your girl can sing along and improve her language skills with Elsa, making playtime a joyful learning experience.

Meet the Fairy Wings Set and develop close bonds

Let's talk about our lovely Fairy Wings Set. This is not just a toy, it's a friend that helps your girl make wonderful memories. Our dollhouses are designed to create special moments, making the bond between you and your little one even stronger.